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Made for Ontario
Ontario’s only Roof Top Tents made for Canada with a local passion for the outdoors, overlanding and adventure. Lake Country Adventure Co. with many models in-stock to choose from, that can be used on Cars, SUV’s, and Trucks with appropriate roof racks.

Same week delivery available throughout Southern and Central Ontario.
(Delivery happily arranged beyond)

Lake Michigan

The Lake Michigan model is 210 x 125 x 90 cm (82.5 x 49.25 x 35.5 in) and comfortably sleeps 2 adults.  Easy to use, easy to store and very durable, your Lake Michigan Roof Top Tent will provide years of adventure and fun.


Retail Price   $2,750

Demo model available -$250
Add an integrated roof rack – +$150

Lake Superior

The Lake Superior model is slightly larger hard top tent that offering a sleeping size almost equal to a queen mattress. Suitable for 2-3 persons (250kg) the dimension is 215 x 145 x 95 cm (84.5 x 57 x 37.5 in).


Retail Price   $2999

Demo Available -$250
Clam Style Option

Lake Ontario XL

Lake Ontario XL (Available).

The Lake Ontario XL model is our most economical roof top tent. Very large and spacious for 3 adults. We have reinforced the floor, added exterior shoe bags, and an optional annex($299).

Sleeping Size: 310cm x 165cm x 130cm.
Travel Size: 155cm x165x 20 cm.

Retail Price   $1750

Awnings & Accessories

The 8′ Footer

Day trips to the park or beach can be easy with this durable awning that will protect you from the sun and rain.  2.5m x 2.07m x 1.9m (98.5″ x 78.5″ x 74.75″).

Includes hardware for mounting to most roof racks, and rails.

Retail Price   $295

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